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A shooter for the entire family!

After hours and hours of fun on Wii, Cocoto and his friends finally land on Nintendo Wii U™ with a non-violent game for all the family! The game comes with a gun-shapped accessory in order to deliver the most immersive experience possible. Brace yourself for a giant trip all over a paper-made colorful world!

Discover a brand new gameplay thanks to the Wii U tablet through 3 game modes that allow multiplayer sessions up to 5 players! Take part of a incredible adventure in the Exploration mode, be the last man standing in the Sudden Death mode or try to go as far as possible in the thrilling Survival mode!

You will travel through 5 crazy environments: Jungle, Volcano, Atlantis, Desert and Tropics. Aim for worms, spiders, rocks, witches, and do not forget to get the jewels all over the levels! But watch out : you do have limited time and limited lives ! To sum up : you will have to be smart, fast and sharp!

If you enjoyed Cocoto Magic Circus, then you will love play to Cocoto Magic Circus 2!

The universe of Cocoto, it is also in digital download!