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Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker • Discover the universe of Cocoto on Nintendo 3DS™, Wii™ and Wii U™:
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The revival of an arcade game classic!

The devilish Cocoto is back in an incredibly addictive game, brilliantly renewing the great brick breaker classic!Defends the planet from the Xillians invaders!

Travel through the 5 planets of Cocoto's universe to protect them from alien fire by firing back their projectiles with your magic shield.

Progress through the game confronting waves of more and more enemies with increasingly amusing weapons, and unlock new powers for your shield.

Five planets to save!


This medium-sized earth-like planet has kept enough of an atmosphere to protect its surface from solar winds and meteorites.
An astonishing phenomenon is that, despite the total absence of water on the surface, there is a form of plant life that seems to have developed around an internal chemistry based on silicon and sulphur.


This planet probably has the most singular atmosphere in its planetary system. Formed of ice and rock, the planet has no magnetosphere.
Without a magnetic field, it is directly exposed to solar winds, which have transformed its ionosphere into a virtual chemical laboratory...


It is the nearest and smallest planet in this solar system. Its small size should have led to it cooling down and freezing. Despite that, there is infernal volcanic activity there...
The planet's heat is probably due to a relatively recent (less than 500 million years ago) collision with another massive earth-like body (which was probably 1/3 its current size).


Even though it is very far from its sun, the planet's surface is infernally hot, reaching 780°K. This is apparently the result of a massive tide caused by its proximity to a gas giant. The planetary crust is thus being perpetually pulled, causing the internal mantle to heat up.
The result is major seismic activity: geysers of burning gas, flowing sulphur and molten lead... The atmospheric saturation of sulphur dioxide is also the cause of rain and acid storms.


The terrestrial surface is only encountered after one passes through a glacial atmosphere (75°K) of over 8,000 km.
The surface pressure on the planet is enormous, the equivalent of 20 million times the pressure at the earth's surface. It transforms methane and ammonia ice into more stable forms, like liquid oceans and gigantic diamond icebergs.

Fourteen types of enemies to face, fourteen strategies to foil!

The Xillians, kinds of space nits, roam the galaxies and destroy all in their path. But they didn't count on the comical Cocoto who, armed with courage and a shield, will give a stern lesson to these ravagers of worlds.

If the basic enemies remain in place and shoot projectiles from time to time, others are hardier, faster, more clever, well-equipped technologically or protected by superior Xillians, and must be attacked properly in order to defeat them.

Finally, on each planet visited, Cocoto must face the Xillian King and his super powerful ship, in order to halt the Xillians' bent for destruction in this part of the galaxy.

Cocoto VS Xillians

The universe of Cocoto, it is also in digital download!

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